Human Rights Publications

Where can I find publications and research papers on human rights and related topics?

We have collected a large number of electronic publications on our publications page. A very good resource is also the website of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Where can I find promotional material for human rights campaigns?

OHCHR's collection of worldwide materials on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains printed and audiovisual material as well as souvenirs. On the occasion of Human Rights Day - the 10th of December and anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration - the OHCHR makes available campaign material on the topic of the year. Human Rights Day 2013 theme is "20 years working for your rights". Video material is available on the OHCHR's Youtube chanel, which includes also a series of short animated videos that explain What is a human right?, What is the Human Rights Council? and What is a human rights treaty body?.